Every student has the potential. The Books Giant platform enables the student to fulfill his or her reading and writing potential in a fun and creative way.

יצירתיות היא כישור חשוב מאוד לחיים. ענק של ספרים בא לעודד ולשמר את היצירתיות אצל ילדים, לשפר את הביטוי עצמי ובכך את הבטחון העצמי.

Books Giant is an online platform on which kids can use their imagination to write, read, record and share the books they've created.

The writing is done on the platform itself.

The students have a wide range of backgrounds, icons and design tools to choose from in order to learn literature in a fun and engaging way.

The finished books can be shared with their classmates and teachers.

A complete teacher portal enables the teacher to assign workbooks to students.

הכתיבה היא כלי לצמיחה והתפתחות אישית - אלינור שחרור

Keyboard and Mouse
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Online Book writing and reading platform

כל ילד והסיפור שלו

יצירת ספרי עבודה אינטראקטיבים בכל תחום


What can the students do on the platform?

Read and Record Books

Illustrate Books

The students record themselves reading their own books.

A wide range of characters and backgrounds as well as options to upload pictures from your computer or tablet.

Write Books

Share the Results

Write books and short stories on a user-friendly graphical user interface.

With a click of a button the students can share their books with classmates and parents.

Wooden Surface

Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education 

חדש! ספריה של ספרי סופרים בהקראה מקצועית וסנכרון מילים.

כלי עזר מושלם לראשית קריאה.


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