The Concept

Experiential learning has proven to be the most effective in comparison with other learning methods. The question is how is it done?

The Books Giant platform is a user-friendly graphical user interface on which students write, illustrate and record themselves reading the books which they've created.

The students can also work on the books together with their classmates.


The writing process is done on the platform itself. Students can choose from characters, backgrounds and options for designing texts.

When a student finishes a book, he or she can share it with classmates, teachers and parents.



The teacher can prepare workbooks or book templates that can be used as student assignments.


The platform is perfect for the classroom as well as for students' home use on tablets or personal computers.

You can read and listen to the recordings of the finished books also on mobile phones.


There is an endless number of activities and tasks that the teacher can create using the platform.


Literacy skills learning can be significant, experiential and interesting!


For example, the teacher can create a book with illustrations only and the task will be to write a story that fits the illustrations, or vice versa.


The teacher can create a whole book and the task will be to record the story and share it with the parents, with an emphasis on punctuation.

Students can also be given a collaborative book assignment:


Each student gets a page allocated to him or her in the book, for example, experiences from the last school trip. The teacher can produce association games, opposites, silhouettes and more.


The platform is user-friendly and inviting and as a result the students enjoy learning literacy, performing tasks and asking questions with genuine interest.

Books Giant invites you to experiment and see for yourself.

The Team

Mili Romi

Pedagogical Development

Erez Shifron

Marketing and Business Development

Gal Ron


Tom Alon

Institutional Relationships


Business Development

Igal Libedinski


Uri Ashkenazi

Graphic Design

Shlomi Navadim